Currently, the STRATOS initiative is not funded and all members are participating voluntary in the project. Therefore some delays may happen depending on your specific request. Please note that STRATOS is a project to develop guidance documents. Please understand that we do not help with issues concerning the design and analysis of specific studies.

Thanks for your interest! Please send us some information about your professional background, statistical expertise and your interest to join STRATOS. Please send the completed contact form (PDF download) and a two page CV including a list of max. 10 publications from the last 10 years via email to:
  1. The STRATOS steering group welcomes applications from researchers, both statistical and clinical, to participate in the initiative.
  2. Applicants should indicate no more than two Topic Groups they would like to join, and should submit a two-page CV and short letter indicating their areas of expertise.
  3. Applications may be made at any time and should be emailed to
  4. Applications will be screened by the new members panel (NMP) (currently Willi Sauerbrei and James Carpenter).
  5. Suitable applications will then be passed to the relevant Topic Group Chairs, who will decide whether the applicant is qualified to assist with the work of one of the Topic Group’s projects.
  6. Topic Group chairs may contact the applicant directly to seek additional information on their suitability/availability. Concerning the role of the applicant they propose (i) no role, (ii) involvement in a specific project or (iii) full member.
  7. Topic Group chairs should then inform the NMP about their assessment. TG chairs and the NMP will discuss the situation if two TGs are interested getting the applicant involved. The NMP will inform the applicant about the decision and successful applicants will receive further information about the STRATOS initiative in a welcome letter.

Note that TG chairs should not contact applicants directly with an invitation/refusal, because more than one TG will often be considering applicants simultaneously.

Applicants will receive a decision within three months and new members will be added on the website with the next update.

Please send an email to if you do not receive any reply within 3 weeks of sending a contact email.

Please write an E-Mail to stating the Topic Group(s) in the subject heading. We will forward your E-Mail to the chairs of the respective Topic Group(s). Further information about the topic groups can be found here.
# Topic group
1. Missing Data
2. Selection of Variables and Functional Forms in multivariable analysis
3. Descriptive and initial data analysis
4. Measurement Error and Misclassification
5. Study Design
6. Evaluating diagnostic tests and prediction models
7. Causal inference
8. Survival analyses
9. High-dimensional data