Literature Review Panel (RP)
Chairs: Gary Collins, Carl Moons

All topic groups have to work on a review about methods used in their field. Such review(s) may assess both (a) what and how specific methods, relevant for a given TG, are used in recent ‘applied’ studies; and/or (b) what relevant guidance or review documents have been recently published.  A literature review panel (RP) will derive a general structure and recommendations concerning many issues (e.g. protocol, data collection form, selection of suitable journals, handling of ‘difficult’ items). Aiming for a uniform approach for high quality, reviews coordinated and (partly) harmonized across topic groups will be helpful. As methodological issues from several topic groups are relevant in many analyses, it is required that corresponding topic groups collaborate. This panel needs to be closely linked to the glossary panel (GP), to ensure a consistent use of terminology.