IBC 2022, Riga, Latvia

July 10-15, 2022, Riga, Latvia

Invited Session 'Predicition with observational data: STRATOS perspective' at the IBC 2022 in Riga, Latvia

Organized by Michal Abrahamowicz and Willi Sauerbrei



1. Marianne Huebner and Georg Heinze

'Initial data analysis to supoort prediction modelling in observational studies'


2. Jörg Rahnenführer and Lara Lusa

'Statistical and machine learning techniques: relative advantages and weaknesses for predicition with high-dimensional data'


3. David McLernon and Terry Therneau

'Assessing perforance of survival prediction models'


4. Pamela Shaw and Laurence Freedman

'Cautionary notes for regression analyses that use a preicted value as either an outcome or an expsoure'