BIRS 2019

June 2 - 7, 2019

2nd General Meeting of the STRATOS members at the Banff International Research Station (BIRS), Banff, Canada.

Schedule, videos from many talks and further information is available on the official BIRS website:

'Toward a Comprehensive, Integrated Framework for Advanced Statistical Analyses of Observational Studies'


Official STRATOS report about the BIRS meeting - PDF


Selected longer talks

1. Mitchell Gail, U.S. National Institutes of Health (TG5):

'Potential collaborations between Design Topic Group (TG5) and other STRATOS Topic Groups' - Video - PDF

2. Frank Harrell, Vanderbilt University (TG2):

'Controversies in predictive modeling, machine learning, and validation' - Video - PDF

3. Per Kragh Andersen, University of Copenhagen (TG8):

'Pseudo-observations' - Video

4. Lisa McShane, U.S. National Cancer Institute (TG9 & Simulation Panel):

'Issues in the planning and reporting of studies that assess performance of statistical & computational methods with emphasis on high-dimensional data' - Video - PDF

5. Saskia LeCessie, Leiden University Medical Center (TG7):

'Causal questions and principled answers - The simulation learner' - Video - PDF

6. Mark Baillie, Novartis (Visualisation Panel)

'How do we make better graphs? Effective visual communication for the quantitative scientist' - Video - PDF